I will come to your home (or other preferred location) at a time that is convenient for your schedule. I offer appointments in the late evenings, and on the weekends. You no longer have to worry about missing work or taking your kiddo out of school in order to make an appointment.
Your time is valuable and I work around YOUR SCHEDULE.

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The Treasure Valley is becoming more crowded every day.  By choosing IMPT, you eliminate the frustration of sitting in traffic while driving to your appointment. Road closures are no longer an issue. Ridiculously short left turn arrows are a thing of the past!

In addition,  simply getting in and out of a car for many post-operative patients is difficult. (Many cannot drive at all.) These issues are resolved with my mobile service.

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Quality of Care

Many physical therapists work with a patient for only 15 minutes before handing them off to an aide. The pressure to treat multiple patients in an hour diminishes the level of care many therapists can provide.

With IMPT, you get my undivided attention for your entire appointment, ensuring a consistent quality of care rarely found in outpatient clinics.

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I have been a practicing physical therapist since 2002, earning multiple specialty certifications along the way. I frequently seek out continuing education opportunities, and take pride in providing exceptional customer service. I specialize in creating personalized treatment plans for each individual, from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior.

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No Prescription Needed

Physician referrals are always welcome, but not necessary. Please feel free to contact us today!

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