Jason has been a lifeline for me! His knowledge and efficacy when addressing my back issues was awesome. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a PT…he is clearly one of the best and the convenience of being mobile cannot be beat!
Dave Radcliffe
Jason was absolutely amazing! His therapy was crucial in helping my son navigate a very painful and debilitating autoimmune condition. He knew exactly what to do to help him. Having him come to our home was so convenient and easy for my son. I highly recommend Jason and will use him for all of our PT needs!
Brooke Ochojski
Jason is wonderfully knowledgeable and incredibly helpful! I have utilized his services for both injury rehabilitation and performance improvement and never been disappointed. He is professional, prompt and communicative and I would encourage all to give IMPT a try!
Kyle Weeks
After I sat on the mobile table, I could immediately see Jason’s pensiveness to solve the issue I was experiencing. He applied several techniques, and after the first treatment I was on my way to recovery. Now after several treatments for soft tissue and joint traction, I feel immensely better! I’m thankful for Jason and his experience, he brings it to the table and effectively practices his profession. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Mr. LaBarthe!
Katy Slater
Really happy with the results, was convenient doing PT at home. I would recommend Jason to anyone looking for a good PT .
G Bear3
Jason is wonderful and highly recommend him!!! He helped my son get through a very painful and rare condition called CRPS. He came to our house in our time of need and Aidan made a very speedy recovery. Jason thoughtfully assessed Aidan and came up with a care plan that was tailored specifically for his needs. Thank you Jason for your knowledge and for taking such good care of my boy!
Brooke Ochojski
I have had the best physical therapy experience with Jason. Not only is he very knowledgeable, honest, & reliable but he travels to our home on weekends. For a busy mom of 2, it has been such a relief! I will recommend T3 Physical Therapy to anyone in need of Jason’s services.
Kailee Ross
I have been working with Jason for A few visits now And I could not be happier with my progress, he has been helping me with some hip flexor and other Core issues He is a very knowledgeable individual I am very glad I found him!
Greg Kirsch
Jason gets results quickly. He spends the full session working on your problem and makes sure you have tools to continue the work between sessions. And the convenience of getting treatment in my home is just icing on the cake. Highly recommended.
Jay Roebuck
I’ve suffered from range of motion issues after having surgery on both shoulders and after cupping was done my range improved. Jason was very educated and explained everything to me as well as giving me exercises to improve my range of motion and continue healing.

Having a PT come to my house was so beneficial with trying to juggle kids and my schedule. I highly recommend Jason!

Jody McMillan
My first session with Jason was great! It was informative and thorough. Jason was very knowledgeable on my specific injury and I was impressed with his plan of action. My specific injury has left me immobile for the time being so having Jason come to me was extremely convenient. I appreciated his time and would recommend his service to all!
Cristina Shaughnessy
I was incredibly impressed not only with the ease of making an appointment with Jason, but also with the amount of time and attention he dedicated to my husband during the session. He is passionate about what he does and it absolutely shows. Even after the visit, he followed up with exercises and pictures to ensure both my husband and I could continue making progress. Thank you Jason!
Helen Elizabeth Carnie
Jason does amazing work. His dedication showed with the way we tried a couple different treatments before identifying the best for me. he treats it as a code he is trying to crack. I immediately felt an improvement in my neck and bicep tendon. I would recommend him to anyone looking for help. can’t say enough good things.
Tony Bolasna
Jason knows his stuff! His background working with athletes is so valuable as he understands how to manage body movement and strength. Worked on some running imbalances and back pain. The exercises Jason provided are already having an impact!

The convenience factor is through the roof here. No need to go into an office and risk infection! Perfect option for those that need treatment in the current climate!

Paul Moore
A huge thank you to Jason LaBarthe. At 71, I have many ailments that negatively affect my mobility. He quickly identified techniques to relieve the pain in my lower back and neck, and provided the best relief I’ve had in years. He also taught me exercises to use going forward. And the bonus is that he came to my house!! I’m a fan!
Rita Leaf
My experience with Jason has proven to be extremely beneficial. I had an ACL replacement surgery in May of this year. Jason offered great pre-hab, due to the gap between injury and surgery, from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Jason was very adamant about starting rehabilitation within a couple days of the surgery completion. I’m grateful that I decided to jump right in with him. He is very knowledgable, great with his listening and his communication skills. My surgeon has been impressed at all three of my post-op consultations, conveying I am way ahead of schedule on recovery. Thanks to T3 Rehab and Jason for a wonderful learning experience and great motivation thus far. Highly recommended.
Dustin Vincen
It is with enthusiasm and enjoyment that I am writing to support Jason LaBarthe. I have known Jason for over 20 years, even before he entered the physical therapy program at CSUN. Over the years, Jason has consistently displayed his integrity and prompt eagerness in all the challenges put before him. I feel so strongly in Jason’s skill and abilities, so much so, I’ve selected him as my personal Physical Therapist. As life has taken its toll on my body, I can rely on Jason to put me back together. As I’ve witnessed Jason’s interactions with patients, I can clearly see that takes the time to build a personal relationship with them. He treats them as people rather than just another case.
Erik Curtis
I recently had Jason in my home. He was incredibly helpful in helping me manage a nagging shoulder/neck injury. He was professional, thorough, educational and most importantly, helpful in relieving my pain! He also was able to teach me techniques to help this issue in the future. As a healthcare provider I was impressed with his skills and modalities in managing my issue. He followed up to make sure that I was doing well. I would recommend Jason LaBarthe and T3 Physical Therapy to not only my patients, but also my friends and family. During this crazy time where we can’t leave our homes, T3 is a great option because he comes to you!
Eric Wells
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